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About the site.

Firstly thank you for visiting this site. When I first came across the Safrane many years ago on ebay I liked the look of it and shortly realised there must be a video of one on youtube.

After finding Renault Safrane 2.5 Executive for sale on ebay.co.uk by r25limousoine, I was impressed. Not just by the video editing but the features of the car. Needless to say I wanted one. Within months I found one and a year later was realising there was few resources in the UK for them. I decided to create a UK based website and resource in English. Unfortunately that has taken me quite a long time, there's still bits under delopment behind the scenes and with other things in life, it's slow progress.

Credits and thanks

r25limousine (AKA Phil): Making such a great video and then providing the full finished version in HQ for this site.

SAFRANEV6RXE (AKA Dave): for encouraging me to get this site done.. a forum and then helping members with parts etc

Techie Stuff

This site should pretty much work in all browsers that have javascript enabled. It uses AJAX in various places. It's not up there with the most modern and flashy sites so it should pretty much work in all browsers. Tested in Chrome, Seamonkey, Firefox, IE.

Cookies & Privacy

The site consists of two parts: the main site and the forum. The main site uses one cookie to identify your session status (eg, visitor, logged in member etc). Your browser automatically sends the cookie value back to the server with each http request you make to the site (in other words, each link you click). The server then reads the value of that cookie and can uses it to open and read your session data from the database. This data includes permissions that allow you to access various parts of the site or restrict you from other parts. Other than information that you voluntarily supply such as a username and password, the site does not collect any information about you except for your IP address and tracking your clicks across the site for security purposes and on the odd occassion helping me to look at statistics. This tracking comprises of what link you clicked, a referring url and your user_id if it's available (eg if you're logged in) and any parameters attached to the http request. No effort is made to identify you as a person or to track you on any other website. The cookie used here on this site is simply to provide functionality to the site itself.

The forum works in a similar manner and also uses cookies. You should assume the possibility that it uses more than one - I didn't write it so couldn't be precise. Any information you supply on the forum is done so by you at your own free will.